Hedley & Bennett

In 2018, Hedley & Bennett want to optimize orders by studying their consumer behavior. Besides, they want to have apron designs that are suitable for young users.

Each product is handcrafted from start to finish using top grade American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens. These unique pieces are built to last — each fabrication detail carefully considered and tested to handle the rigorous hustle and bustle of a professional kitchen.

- Dedicated Design
- Optimize  Landing  Page
- Optimize  Ads & Re-Marketing
2018 - 2019
10 months

About Hedley & Bennett:

     Established in 2012, Hedley & Bennett was born to inspire a sense of dignity and pride in the kitchen. Founder and Designer Ellen Bennett recognized a recurring pattern in drab kitchen workwear: bland, generic, and essentially disposable uniforms that were completely uninspiring.

     Her roots in the kitchen created the vision to make people feel as amazing as the food they prepared. Through the community of culinary professionals, our aprons have turned into a nationwide movement.

     Hedley & Bennett is now the leading designer of aprons and chefware, constructing garments specifically for the makers of the world.

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